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Mercury Showcase

CompanyInsight Creative
Lead DesignersBrian Slade
Design TeamKellie Pruden, Trent Kokich, Hannah Morris, Jason Saunders
Prize(s)Silver in Print / Signs, Exhibits and POP Displays, Silver in Multimedia / Interactive Media
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Mercury wanted a fun, street-front experience to encourage visitor engagement. Using kinetic sand, a topographic overlay and projected rain, visitors create their own hydro-electric network.

An augmented-reality interactive showcases Mercury’s power generation, brought to life via a majestic drone fly-over. The engagement continues with a user-activated Lego wind turbine, and a continuous graphic animation table showing ‘how we make electricity’.

Finally, a rewarding VR experience allows visitors to drive an electric car to their futuristic home, where they can experience an energy future.