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From The Outset

CompanyJason Tsang
Lead DesignersTsang Wai Yan, Jason
ClientJason Tsang
Prize(s)Silver in Print / Key Art
Entry Description

// From The Outset //
A conceptual self-experiment in visual communication that consists of a collection of 15 posters that created within January 2019 - the outset of the year.
It is a beginning and a celebration of exploring more of oneself. Every poster is crafted with different forms of abstract expressions as a way to visualize and to record my emotions and thoughts throughout the month.
Viewing all 15 posters as a whole does not only turn into the key art of the month, but also act as a kind of medication to understand more of oneself, and ultimately to become a better me.


Jason Tsang is the founder and award-winning creative director of the Hong Kong-based design agency Welvermind, which specializes in creative conceptualization, visual communication, and brand identity & strategies.

Other Awards and Prizes

2020 - "60 Days Of Discovery"
Gold in Graphic Design - Self-Promotion / Print
International Design Awards

2020 - "60 Days Of Discovery"
Silver in Graphic Design - Other Graphic Designs
International Design Awards

2019 - "From The Outset"
Silver in Graphic Design - Key Art / Print
International Design Awards

2019 - "Personal Branding Project"
Honorable Mention in Graphic Design
DNA Paris Design Awards