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TRIBECA Nanjing Hexi Flagship Store

Lead DesignersZhichao Xu
Design TeamXu Zhichao, Ni Pengfei, Xie Gang, Wu Zhuang, Chen Lei, Yan Qing, Qin Zhengbao, Gong Fangyuan
Project LocationNanjing, Jiangsu, China
ClientXie Gang
Prize(s)Gold in Interior Design / Restaurants & Bars
Project LinkView
Entry Description

TRIBECA Nanjing Hexi Flagship Store covers an area of 750 ㎡, commercial form is the casual dining, whisky, customises traditional European cuisine, and the beer bar.They are a complementary relationship that enables the block to meet the multiple needs of a diverse population.Between the space through the size of the window, the door hole, leave empty, so that the scene staggered, due to the different attributes of each region will produce a sense of space and time staggered drama.