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Lead DesignersJean Baptiste Ponsot
Design TeamEmeric Landemaine
Project LocationHong Kong
ClientNan Fung Group
Prize(s)Bronze in Home Interior Products / Kitchen Furniture
Entry Description

Wine is a part of a lifestyle statement, such as entertaining in your private home. Each wine cellar piece designed by Sensis Signature™ is certified unique, handcrafted to ensure perfect fit with the interior and usability. Our mission is to respect the traditional methods of wine storage (temperature and humidity) and to bring innovation and technology. How to make the technology, machinery invisible is a big part of our design process, to provide the sensitive and elegant result. This custom cellar has a built in Sensis Climate Control™, American oak wood interior fitting, magnetic lock.


Established in 2010 in France, Sensis is a luxury brand creating elegant and timeless wine cellars. From free standing units to custom wine cellars, the collections combine French design and state of the art technology. Working along world known architects, the company received several design awards for their creativity and commitment for quality.