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CompanyVecsei Millinery
Lead DesignersZsofia Vecsei
Design TeamPhoto: Kristof Tóth; Make-up: Valéria Vince
CreditsModel: Alexa, Visage; Location: Four Seasons BP
Prize(s)Gold in Haute Couture / Women_HC, Silver in Avant-garde / Women_AG, Gold in Accessory / Hats
Entry Description

The inspiration behind this capsule collection was a masquarade ball.
I wanted to create the silent moments with the shoot, where we stop for a minute during an extravagant night out. Wether it is while we are getting ready and having a last check in the mirror, or entering a bathroom and finding a comfortable spot in the tub. We all have those moments to stop and stare. The moment where we look around, look at ourselves, look at our partner and the world stops for a while. And everything is beautiful.