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The Cloud Town Convention and Exhibition Center Ⅱ

CompanyApproach Desgin(ZUP)
Lead DesignersMa Di,Jin Xin,Mao Lianping
Design TeamJiang Sheng,Zhang Jialiang,Shen Weifen,Wang yang,Mao Mengjun
Project LocationHangzhou, China
ClientCloud town,HangZhou
CreditsMao Lianping
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Landmarks, symbolic structures, memorials, public
Entry Description

With creativity, this exhibition centre has been designed as an open'3D Park'full of attractions.It intends to return the land occupied by the architecture to the public and encourages people to meet here in order to enjoy various interesting activities.The indoor exhibition hall can be transformed into an energetic'Sports Warehouse'that provides a range of sports.This scheme eliminates the negative stereotype of an exhibition centre as a bulky and closed building.Instead,it generates new energy for the city and intends to maximize the public value of the urban resources behind this building.