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Rocking Cradle / Swing Pendulum 2in1

CompanyOlymp & Olipa GmbH
Lead DesignersAndrej A. Olipa
Design TeamTatsiana V. Olipa
Project LocationCologne, Germany
Prize(s)Silver in Children Products / Infant Products
Entry Description

Swing Pendulum 2in1

The pendulum with swing mechanism is a great addition to the SmartGrow 7in1. It suits with both round and oval bed. A soft tip or push swings the entire bed and the baby can soothed back into sleep once it starts feeling uncomfortable. The swing mechanism can be locked and provides therefore usage of a swinging bed and stabile bed. The pendulum is made of solid beech wood and matches well in quality with the crib.

Other Awards and Prizes

ComfortBaby´s FourSeasonsDream Concept
The idea behind the design and the interior of the store is not about placing products on shelves, it is about telling story that a customer wants to experience.
The entire year surrounds us with one season after another.

Summer comes in her own time and brings us energy, bright colors, lots of freedom and movement.
Autumn tend to lead us to more coziness, contemplation, and walks with admirable views.
Winter is the time of magical moments. It is a time, when we look for more gentle warmth and emotionally balancing comfort.
And finally spring, where life blossoms and sun-rays nourishes us with its new energy.

In nature, a tree as well as a woman are symbols of birth and life. Especially, the tree exemplifies the energy of all four seasons.
A mother who expects her child’s birth during winter will set up her family’s nest with special warmth and sensuality and a baby who is born in summer will fall into a bright and colorful world, from the very first day.
The concept of FourSeasonsDream shows us four houses that raise the understanding and the emotional environment to which the baby is expected with love. This means, here is a story of four seasons, four pregnant women, four characters, and four moods.

ComfortBaby with its FourSeasonsDream concept is looking forward to its customers through the entire year and the Customer the other way around.
ComfortBaby knows its customers and creates the most convenient atmosphere.