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Chocolate Experience Museum

Lead DesignersCyril Matiash & Sergii Vlasov
Design TeamCyril Matiash, Sergii Vlasov, Uliana Buozhyte, Yuliia Melnychuk
Project LocationKyiv, Ukraine
ClientRoshen CC
CreditsRenderings by Anastasiia Kostenko
Prize(s)Bronze in Architecture Categories / Conceptual
Entry Description

The newest architectural object reflects life cycle of cocoa bean. Designed on the basis of visitors experience modeling algorithms. Chocolate Store as the final point of excursion joints architectural objects of the XIX and XXI centuries.
Museum of Chocolate is divided on stages: an exhibition about the cultivation process and examples of candy-making equipment in action. This is an interactive place to get acquainted with the latest technologies of confectionary production.
The outdoor public space provides an opportunity for changeable exhibitions or specific events.