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AUTO Tea Maker

CompanyTOP Electric Appliances Industrial Ltd.
Lead DesignersChong Siu Tong, Shilton
Project LocationHong Kong
ClientRiviera & Bar
Prize(s)Bronze in Home Interior Products / Kitchen Appliances
Entry Description

AUTO Tea maker which is fully programmable for tea varieties, steep times and water temperatures. Specific temperatures and steeping times always bring out the unique flavours and aromas. Tea basket automatically lowers at the precise temperature and raises after the optimal steeping time. All related tea choices are shown in the high contrast display. The chime sounds to let you know your tea is ready to enjoy. Your favourite brew steeped and waiting, after setting the clock and wake up time.


Shilton Chong is talented industrial designer with over 10 years work experience in wide range of products from consumer electronics and small kitchen appliances. Shilton had his degree from Birmingham City University, Product Design. In his work, he is interested in combining design with technical abilities of the local industry, this means often working directly with Chinese manufacturers and industrialists. He has strong skills from conceptual problem solver to technical concern and able to bring products to market.He worked with brand such as KRUPS, KitchenAid, Riviera & Bar and WMF.