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Info kiosk Open mall

CompanyMMAV architects
Lead DesignersMMAV architects
Project LocationAlexandroupolis,Greece
ClientTrader's Association of Alexandroupolis
Creditsphotografer Theofilos Gerontopoulos
Prize(s)Gold in Interior Design / Informational and transactional kiosks and termina
Entry Description

Located in the urban district, an information kiosk was created from the result of 3 design levels,the wooden box,the base and the surface. In the interior there is a 84″,2sqm screen that supports Gesture Control,giving the user the possibility to search for any information about the city from a distance of 3m.The reference to 'classic' Greek roof was chosen in order for the visitor to feel familiar, while at the same time there is an effort to abort this archetype through different inclines of the ridge.The strict monochrome aims to highlight the minimalistic and monolithic character.