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Smart Desk Lamp

CompanyRoyole Corporation
Lead DesignersYang Fan, Liu Wenjun, Xia Xinyuan
Design TeamYang Fan, Liu Wenjun, Xia Xinyuan
Project LocationShenzhen, China
ClientRoyole Corporation
Prize(s)Gold in Illumination / Desk Lamps
Entry Description

Both practical and elegant, Royole's flexible electronics-enabled smart desk lamp provides users with the choice of a wide gamut of color temperatures and brightness levels with the simple stoke of a finger. Royole's proprietary flexible electronics enable users to adjust the brightness by sliding a finger up and down along the base of the lamp, while two fingered swipes control color temperature. In addition, the lamp can be rotated, up and down from 0 to 135 degrees. The lamp features a minimalist design that combines art and technology while enhancing user experience.