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CompanyGenuine Labs Limited
Lead DesignersDiane Wan
Design TeamHoward Tsung, Kuadu, Mitali Prasad, Steven Wei ,tompson Yan
Project LocationChina
Prize(s)Gold in Children Products / Infant Products
Entry Description

Giraffes have a wide field of vision and an aerial acuity, often living in small loving and caring groups of families.
The giraffes symbolic for bending their long necks to watch over and caress their calves. This bow is the purest form of love and care.
The designer has rightly empathized this beautiful message of "Love" and captured the lovely image of the giraffe into a design that gives the baby monitor Giraffe, a personification to life, an interpretation of the eternal love between parents and children.
Friendly & creative,Giraffe offers a whole new baby monitoring experience not just for parents but family members anywhere round the globe.The feature rich baby cam besides facilitating traditional monitoring adds fun moments to the picture library when it gives users the power on fingertips to capture perfect snapshots of baby from anywhere using our APP.Like Giraffe,its long neck & flexibility gives a bird’s eye view,that’s second to none & takes care of the little one strolling in the crib by alerting whenever there’s a need.While Giraffe stands tall on the crib,you never know,it may become the little one’s very first conversation partner.