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The Educational & Aspirational Spiral Stairway of History and Heritage (AMKSS)

CompanyHottoh Design Pte Ltd
Lead DesignersMervyn Toh
ClientMervyn Toh
Prize(s)Silver in Interior Design / Institutional
Entry Description

The school has a current Heritage gallery for its students,
however it is in a locked-up room and needs a fresh update.
The school feels a need for the gallery to be easily
accessible and engaging as its aim is telling stories to create
sense of belonging for its students, and as history academic
teaching aid. So, a new space is assigned for this gallery. It
is at the school’s spiral staircase – the main access point for
students, staff and guests. Its open-concept allows anyone
to linger, study and discuss about stories told. Space
planning and design are well-thought-out to interest and
engage the students, where a mix of materials, textures and
lightings are used for presentation of information, exhibits,
and photographs of history and heritage of school and its
neighbourhood, alumni, past staff members, achievements
and activities. With 4-levels of space, it can now
accommodate to the growing information.


Hottoh Design is an integrated and multi-talented interior design house supported by a team of creative, well-versed and motivated designers bringing global exposure and experience to a bespoke design house.

Even though design work is the highlight of our portfolio, we also focus on projects that challenge, stimulate and enhance our skills and experience.

At Hottoh Design, you will see an effective blend of character and elegance delivered with simplicity in our projects, maintaining originality, yet pure.

Other Awards and Prizes

2018-2019 \\ 5-Star Winner – Best Retail Interior (Singapore)
2018-2019 \\ Award Winner – Public Service Interior (Singapore)
2017-2018 \\ Award Winner – Interior Design Apartment (Singapore)
2016-2017 \\ Highly Commended Award – Interior Design Apartment (Singapore)

2016 \\ Silver Winner – Interior Design - Institutional
2016 \\ Silver Winner – Home Interior Products - Textiles/Floor Coverings
2016 \\ Bronze Winner – Home Interior Products
2016 \\ Honorable Mention Award – Renovation
2016 \\ Honorable Mention Award – Renovation
2016 \\ Honorable Mention Award – Interior Furniture
2015 \\ Bronze Winner – Home Interior Products Design - Windows, Doors
2015 \\ Honorable Mention Award – Residential
2015 \\ Honorable Mention Award – Residential
2015 \\ Honorable Mention Award – Product Design: Windows, Doors

2011 \\ Award Winner – 'Most Promising Entrepreneurship’ Award