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Lead Designers
ClientYves Behar
Prize(s)Gold in Media And Home Electronics / Robotics
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Entry Description

Cobalt is an indoor security robot, utilizing 60+ sensors
to detect and report anomalies in the workplace. Its
autonomous capabilities make an office safe while also
providing concierge and information services. A human
co-pilot, safely located offsite, is able to video into the
robot when needed to provide human interactions and
assistance when necessary.

The Cobalt robot’s semi-cylindrical self-driving
mechanism, sensors and cameras are covered by a
tensile fabric skirt. This helps maximize the access and
usability of the internal technologies, creates airflow to
prevent overheating, and conveys a soft and friendly
persona akin to office furniture. Cobalt is a stark contrast
to the Hollywood dystopian Robocop – it discreetly fits
into its environment, provides a platform to grow with
our needs, and enhances human ability without replacing
the human.