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The B.A.T. - A Coin-sized Multi-tool with 10 Functions

Lead DesignersThom O'Leary
Prize(s)Silver in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Outdoors, trekking and camping
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Entry Description

A tool is only useful if you have it when you need it... even when you are traveling by plane.

This is the big idea behind the smallest 10-function multi-tool on the market: the B.A.T. (Bring Anywhere Tool) from Covert Products Group.

The B.A.T. can be carried anywhere since it’s just a little bigger than a quarter, has no moving parts, and is actually usable. It’s the ultimate minimalist multi-tool that lives in your pocket.

The B.A.T. can cut, open, and ignite. Use it for your everyday adventures, to survive in the outdoors, or even to escape.

The B.A.T. makes having “just enough” of a tool easy. I wanted to create the smallest useful tool possible, give it a ton of features, and make it the size and shape of something that just about everyone carries all the time: a coin. Any smaller and you either lose functions or functionality.