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KUUM: intuitive toy blocks

CompanyMonogoto Inc.
Lead DesignersMarie Uno
Prize(s)Silver in Toy Design / Wooden Toy, Silver in Children Products / Children Products
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Entry Description

This collection of beautiful and innovative toy blocks consists of 12 iconic units with poetic stories infused, with 2 color variations each. The units can be further disassembled into unique 36 different shapes (202 pieces in total), with which you can build various objects, both concrete and abstract, that you could never imagine.
By handing KUUM to children, it is possible to discover their potential creativity. (1) Painter: they start to collect blocks with particular colors and start painting 2D images. (2) Inventor: they try to invent and build cars and robots. (3) Puzzle-lovers: They fall in love with geometric shape combinations and start putting them together to form patterns. (4) Story-tellers: they do not build things, they pick up some blocks and use them as characters, making their own story plots.