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InFlight entertainment system GUI

Lead DesignersIlya Baranov
Prize(s)Silver in Multimedia / Interface Design
Entry Description

User interface/experience solution for a new onboard entertainment system, which allows passangers to consume various entertainment content on board. The system is designed for tablets as well as for integrated in-seat installation.
We had to develop a solution, that will fit in a various environments - different handout tablets, airplanes embedded systems (Panasonic, Thales), different hardware requirements (touchscreens and controllers) and that will keep up the style regardless of the environment, and still allows the user to get the maximum fun using it.

The interface consits of a multiple layouts, which are organized into a solid navigation system. All the layouts are based on a grid system, which is used for layouting in a multiple environments.

The content of the system is changed monthly, so the images on main screen and featured pages are changed monthly as well. The goal of each screen is to retract the user