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BLUE WAVE Cocktail Bar

Prize(s)Silver in Other Interior Designs / Other Interior designs
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Entry Description

We were asked to create a space where you could savour
some cocktails in an elegant atmosphere while enjoying the
virtues of its location by the water’s edge at the OneOcean
Club Port Vell yacht area in Barcelona. The building hosting
the Blue Wave Cocktail bar has a particular morphology: a
long tube form, with its longest facade facing the water.

We unify the interior and exterior space and strengthen the
wrapping sensation of our braking wave by using the same
materials on floors, walls and ceiling. Their colour goes
from deep blue to white, incorporating the concrete white
lattice façade of the building as the foam to the wave.

Located at the northern part of the cocktail bar there is a
wide terrace. Conceived as a Mediterranean cove, a space
of transition between a vegetal, wooded zone and the sea,
its stepped topography creates different spaces.


The architects Oliver Franz Schmidt, Natali Canas del Pozo and Lucas Echeveste Lacy form El Equipo Creativo, an interior design studio based in Barcelona and specialized in the interior design of gastronomic, commercial and brand flag spaces.
"We share the idea that space, the same as food, tells stories, creates sensations and experiences. Every new brief comes with its own story, therefore we aim to find a unique design that includes craftmanship to tell every story in the most enticing way."

Other Awards and Prizes

Since 2010 they have worked for some of the most prestigious chefs in the world, like Ferran Adrià, and their designs gather 4 michelin star restaurants.
Since then they have realized several projects which have been recognized in numerous international interior design awards, for example the prestigious Restaurant and Bar Design Awards (where their design for Blue Wave Bar won the first prize for Best Bar Overall and Best Bar Europe), The Great Indoors Awards, FX International Award, Best of the Year Award or AIT Interior Contract Award. Their interior design projects have been published in paper and web publications in more than twenty countries.
The American Architecture Prize, has awarded them as “Firm of the Year 2017”.
The prestigious design magazine FRAME has recently selected them as one of the 20 most influential designers of the world.