Shanghai XINGFULI Cultural and Creative Industries Development Co. / Founder

Guo Kui founded G-Art Design in 2009 and has led his team to grow into a benchmark company in interior design in China. In 2018, G-Art was ranked as the No. 1 overall interior design company in China and No. 17 globally by Interior Design USA.

In 2014, he took a new and brave step to found Shanghai XINGFULI Cultural and Creative Industries Development Co. which is engaged in the field of urban renewal.  The company is committed to the research of culture and urban life, adhering to the development of environmental protection, humanistic ecology and innovation to create a new creative cultural block incorporating high-quality commercial, office and urban public spaces for the city.

XINGFULI adheres to a vision of “improving the quality of urban spaces and creating a happy life”, striving to be the leader of urban renewal in China.

The company has launched M+XINGFULI, M+BLACKSTONE, M+YIYUAN, M+MARIES, and other quality projects, for Changning, Xuhui, Jing’an districts in China to create numerous new urban literature and art renewal landmarks.

XINGFULI additionally exports its own content brand, ‘NICE TO MEET YOU’. NTMY integrates books, cultural and creative arts, clothing, coffee and other formats to deliver high-end lifestyle concepts and is the first professional “community bookstore” brand in Shanghai, aiming to create aesthetic spaces with happiness.

The brand is committed to serving as a communication platform for community culture and art, and building an ecology of modern community life featuring cultural exchange and spiritual sharing.