Asbjoerk (Brian) Stanly Mogensen

Accell Group / Design Director

Asbjoerk Stanly Mogensen (Brian) is the Global Head of autonomous vehicles and micromobility and drivetrains at Accell Group.

As a pioneer in the autonomous industry, Brian works as “the glue” between  ‘b-vehicles’, brand keys and identity as the DNA of  industrial design engineering.  His focus is on building brands using design thinking processes.  With decades of experience developing and designing products for companies around the world, Brian is a winner of more than 200 international design and engineering awards. He is also the designer and inventor of the original battery inside the downtube, now known as Bosch power tubes. In the last 12 years, he has worked with many automotive companies developing autonomous e-mobility vehicles and concepts at Accell Group and was the Chairman of Accell Group’s Innovation Steering Committee.

Brian was responsible for designing award winning e-vehicles for PININFARINA in Italy – one of them being the worlds most award winning e-bike –  the PININFARINA Evoluzione.

Mogensen is ranked No 1 at the DAC vehicle designers, number 3 in the USA for overall designs and number 8 at the world design rankings.  He has a long experience in developing drivetrains and brands and brand keys and was formerly Design Director of Envision advertising agency in Scandanavia. 

He also mentors young designers at the University of Copenhagen.