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The International Design Awards, in collaboration with the European Product Design Awards, recently issued a call for entries to the Covid-19 Design Innovation Grant, as a way to find and support those who were working to provide innovative solutions to tackle some of the most pressing problems and needs during the Coronavirus Pandemic. The response was overwhelming, with hundreds of creative designs submitted from all over the world.

Our thanks appreciation go out to all of those who used their time and skill and passion to help meet the needs of their community and the world during this truly challenging time.

Below are the Top 10 picks in the category of Graphic Design, which invited graphic designers and illustrators to submit their designs for a resource to help the public protect themselves, prevent spreading the virus to others, or deal with the psychological effects of isolation.

The Winner of the $2,000 Grant is Nakevia Miller - COVID-19 Austin Area Response project. Congratulations!

Top 10 Graphic Design Entries:

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